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What is POPA?

POPA is a nonprofit organized to assist Denmark High School and its community by promoting, supporting, and sustaining performing arts in a welcoming atmosphere that supports each student to realize their full potential as a performer, scholar, and citizen.

Who can join POPA?

Any Denmark Performing Arts parent/guardian or extended family, as well as community members, can be part of POPA.  We recognize the power of building community in support of youth and the arts.  All are welcome and appreciated!

Interested in Volunteering?

Interested in Donating? 

2023-2024 Meetings

Friday August 11th 2023 | All Members | Back to School Picnic | Fowler Park

Thursday October 16th 2023 | All Members | Virtual

Thursday February 1st 2024 | All Members | Virtual 

Lissa Pijanowski

Cara Belloso

Kelly Paisley

Sunni Lazo 

Stephanie Klovstad

Gretchen Brown

Gretchen Brown & Nina Freeman

Tonya Papa

Jen Saltzman 

Reni Barberena & Terri Johnson

Lissa Pijanowski & Cara Belloso

Stacy Neff & Lisa Redding

Heather Martin

Allison Russell

Stacy Neff & Kristen Wilkes

Terri Johnson

Bre Sessions

Lissa Pijanowski

| President 

| Vice-President

| Treasurer

| Secretary

| Chorus Liaison

| Acting Liaison

| Volunteers

| Hospitality

| Show Sales

| Lobby 

| Patrons 

| Fundraising

| Playbills

| POPA Closet/Supplies

| Spirit Nights

| Public Relations

| Photographer

| Grant Writer



Connect with POPA

 Easy ways to stay informed . . .

Sign up for TeamApp

Access our DPA App

1) Scan the QR Code and download the Stack Team App or visit

2) Sign up and login to your account.

3) Search for Denmark Performing Arts and request to join. 


The DPA App is for students, parents, and staff ONLY.  

  • DPA Page
  • POPA Group



Join our POPA Facebook group

(you will be prompted to answer questions about your student) 

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